World War III: Global Political Climate ChangeEdit

July 2020:

Aided indirectly by China and North Korea, a successful coup by communist sympathizers in the Russian Military is staged. Within 48 hours, a new Soviet Communist republic is born. Communist Party leader Sergei Meinikov assumes the role of Premier. Within two weeks of the new regime change, the world is shocked by the signing and announcement of a new military Alliance between Russia, China and North Korea. 

August 2020: 

China steps up offshore drilling activity in the Spratly Islands with increased military operations and 'exercises' in the South China sea. Missing cargo and leisure vessels are reported by Japan, South Korea, The Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore. Nobody claims responsibility, but several terrorist organizations are blamed. Japan's newly elected right wing President, Yoshide Hashimoto vows economic sanctioning and possible military retaliation against the responsible countries and requests support from the United States, England and France. Japan increases military spending by an additional 25% establishing new co-prosperity arms deals with Israel, India and South Korea. 

Intelligence provided by the United States to Japan leads to a secret Asian summit meeting held in Okinawa. The meeting results in the establishment a new Military Alliance in response to heightened threats from China. The New Asian Alliance doctrine is signed by Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Burma. The agreement requires all nations to respond in the event a member nation is attacked and pledge troops and funding during peacetime.  England, France and the United States pledge funding, arms and advisers to help solidify the new alliance.

In response to their continually declining economy, Russia steps up advanced arms sales to Iran, Pakistan and Egypt. Although much of the world opposes this climate change, little is done to counter this activity. Russia begins offensives against ISIS positions landing Spetsnaz commandos in Syria. Tactical nuclear explosions are detected by satellite in southern Syria. 90,000 ISIS soldiers and 50,000 civilians are reported dead. Russia restores President Bashar al-Assad to power pledging a new era of economic and military cooperation with Syria. Russia signs an agreement with Iran to purchase the T-92 tank and advanced air-defense systems. Premier Meinikov warns the United States and NATO that any undermining of Russian arms sales activities will be considered an act of aggression. 

September 2020:

A new regional Arab alliance known as the Islamic Freedom Alliance, brokered by Saudi Arabia recruits the countries of Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, The Palestinian Authority, Iraq, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, New Kurdistan and Armenia. 

The AFI and Israel sign a non-aggression pact brokered by Canada. The agreement confirms the Israeli recognition of the new Palestinian state, Israeli aircraft and naval craft will be allowed to operate in AFI airspace and waters against Iran if necessary. In a defiant move against Iranian nuclear ambitions, the IFA occupies the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian authority assumes control of a united Palestine. The AFI threatens military action against Iran if it interferes. 

October 2020:

In a trust building exercise, the AFI, Israel and NATO forces stage a major offensive against ISIS in Iraq. Iraq authorizes the use of tactical nuclear weapons on their soil. Saudi air-force strike sortis deliver tactical nuclear bombs to key ISIS positions. 75,000 ISIS soldiers are killed but not without killing 30,000 civilians. The AFI reportedly executes over 25,000 war criminals for mass-murder in accordance with Shariah Law. The rest are sent to prisons and labor camps.  

Confirming the further deterioration of US-Israeli relations, Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon successfully forms a coalition government and signs a military alliance with India and Japan. Canada offers to station troops in Israel to counter Iran. The last ISIS forces surrendered to Russian and Coalition forces on October 31st. 

Confirming that the Iranian nuclear deal was only a bid to buy themselves time, Iran successfully tests a 90 kiloton nuclear warhead in a desolate mountain range. Most nations condemn the Iranian nuclear test and call for re implementing sanctions against Iran. Russia and China make no comment on the event.  

North Korea agrees to sell warhead retrofitting technology to Iran giving it the capability to attach a nuclear warhead to their Shahab 6 intercontinental ballistic missile. Israel and the AFI led by Saudi Arabia along with Canada threaten to destroy the technology.  

India breaks off diplomatic relations with Iran and increases trade with Canada.  

November 2020:

Hillary Clinton defeats Sarah Palin and Joe Boehner in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. Fearing that Clinton would follow in Barack Obama's footsteps to implement significant changes to the constitution, a new ultra-right wing political party and movement picks up great momentum in the United States. The movement's publicity and New Re-constructionist Party is funded by influential right wing leaders such as Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Ross Perot, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates and David Patraeus, former head of US Central Command. The New Re-constructionist Party pledges to keep constitutional freedom in tact, bring an end to technocrat influencers causing the bulk of the economic decline in the United States and rebuild US industry and infrastructure. The first elected chairman of the New Re-constructionist Party is David Patraeus. 

Europe however begins to abandon socialist reform. Under new right wing democratic leadership Germany, France, Netherlands and Ireland leave the European Union. Mass deportations of illegal aliens are reported from all of these countries, Within three weeks, Belgium, Norway, and Denmark leave the EU. The EU is officially dissolved on October 30th, 2020. Despite this move, the North Atlantic Treat organization remains strong and in tact. An emergency NATO summit convenes in Brussels, Belgium to discuss increasing Russian aggression and the reorganization of independent national governments for former EU nations.  

Russia's Communist Party Chairman, Vladamir Putin is assassinated in Moscow. Russia blames Georgian and Ukrainian insurgents and vows retaliation.  

December 2020:

In a bold act of aggression, Russia invades Georgia and Ukraine on December 1st. NATO in a split decision regrettably votes to stay out of the conflict due to the collapse of the European Union and the reorganization of Western European politics. By December 15th both the Ukraine and Georgia had fallen to the invading Russian armies. Chemical weapon attacks on insurgents and civilians are reported in Chechnya. Human rights demonstrators in Hong Kong are gunned down by Chinese military and police anti-riot units. The State Government of China blocks external internet access. The Chinese public voice is silenced. 

Responding to fears of Russian aggression Sweden, Austria, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland and Malta join NATO. All NATO nations implement immediate economic sanctions and freezing of Russian assets throughout their financial infrastructures. NATO fleets are deployed on high alert off the coasts of Finland, Denmark and Germany. NATO begins mobilizing additional ground troops to meet war-time levels on December 28th. Switzerland, although offered NATO membership chooses to stand alone. 

January 2021:   

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